Special Fundraiser Event - 2019 Hampstead Garden Walk


Here's your chance to tour some of Hampstead's most beautiful properties! Eight gardens will be available for your viewing pleasure on Saturday, July 20th from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. 


You'll be inspired by the gorgeous flowers, shrubs and water features of these stellar gardens As part of your Garden Walk, you'll see the following:


  • A 100 year old home with horses and stately gardens
  • A backyard garden with a koi pond
  • Lake side plantings
  • A rose garden and perennials gracing a lovely historical Victorian home
  • A "farmette" with chickens and vegetables plants nestled between bountiful perennial gardens
  • A 1/4 acre pond with a waterfall and lush plantings
  • An amazing shade garden that will astound you and
  • The property we all want to see - a 125 year old Victorian home with the feel of an old estate, enhanced with beautifully designed plantings. Your visit will include a tour of the beautifully restored home. You won't want to miss this! 


Light refreshments will be served free of charge at two of the gardens.


Tickets are $20.00 each (rain or shine), and can be purchased from HGC members, Hampstead Public Library beginning 7/1 or by mail to PO Box 714, Hampstead NH  03841.


Questions? Email us at HGClub@hampsteadgarden.org.


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